My name is Peter. I love pretty things, the internet, music and beer.

I am constantly trying to become a better human. Currently I'm trying to do that by building things for the internet which make me and hopefully others happy.

Get in touch if you want to talk about working with me! You can reach me via email: pmargaritoff [at] gmail [dot] com, on Facebook or on LinkedIn.

You can grab my resume here.


Fun / Misc


Playing with Helvetica. This came out of my weekly Saturday poster sessions (something I desperately need to pick back up again).


Born from my frustration about the lack of (perceived lack of?) electronic music in Los Angeles.


Hamburg is the city I was born in. Imitating a design I saw for a similar poster. I don't remember the source right now but will credit when I find it.

Lost Pt. 1

Not entirely sure what I was thinking here. It reminds me of the Little Prince and is quite sad. This might be my favorite poster from my Saturday sessions.

Lost Pt. 2

Somehow this doesn't work as well as the boat. Included for completeness' sake.

Rothschild Pt. 1

Maxims of Rothschild the Banker - Google News link

Rothschild Pt. 2

Maxims of Rothschild the Banker - Google News link

Rothschild Pt. 3

Maxims of Rothschild the Banker - Google News link

See Something, Say Something

Having some fun with Orwellian/dystopian propaganda posters.

Terrorist Blood

More fake propaganda. Take with a grain of salt.

Western Districts Railroad Ticket

Fake railroad ticket design for an independent movie produced by the Indie Workforce



Logo and medication concept designed together with Leo Claussen for an upcoming short film produced by Zissou Pictures.


Logo exploration for a short-lived startup in Los Angeles.

Mission Avenue

Exploration for a gallery concept that unfortunately never saw the light of day.

St. Giles Hotel Group Redesign

Mockups I produced working for Open Hospitality. Despite the fact that I was not a member of the design team, these mockups were chosen and presented to the client.

The group has three different brands with similar but different requirements. These mockups show the corporate home page as well as a property specific design for The Tuscany in New York City.


Design mockup for the proposed St. Giles corporate homepage.

Tuscany - Navigation

Design mockup highlighting navigation look and feel for The Tuscany hotel.

Tuscany - Content

Design mockup highlighting content sections for The Tuscany hotel.

Maritim Hotel Group Booking Software Mockups

German hotel group Maritim approached Open Hospitality to develop a new booking engine to better suit their needs. As part of this process, the whole booking process was reevaluated and the design team was tasked with creating a new interface for the updated booking engine.

Again I was asked to produce mockups/wireframes even though I was not a member of the design team.

Maritim - Calendar Page

The calendar page is usually the starting point for any reservation system. With this view I attempted to efficiently and elegantly lay out vital bits of information such as the check-in/check-out dates and the number of guests. I also wanted to provide an indicator for how far along in the booking process the user was.

It is also worth noting that this is a multi-room booking scenario which siginificantly increases the complexity and amount of information that needs to be conveyed.

Maritim - Rooms Page

This is the 'rooms' page which displays all available rooms for the selected dates and occupancy. In this view we can see that the user has already selected and customized the first room and is in the process of selecting the second room.

Maritim - Upgrade

The 'upgrade' view allows hoteliers to upsell guests with custom packages. The chosen room is presented at the top and the user is asked if her or she would like to upgrade. Upgrade packages are listed below the room with a large image, sales copy and prices per upgrade.

Maritim - Packages

Different from the previous view in that these packages are time and/or quantity based and can include anything from a bottle of champagne to scuba diving lessons (depending on the hotel of course). This view features more traditional e-commerce features such as a shopping cart and 'add to cart' buttons.

Margaritaville Resort Landing Page Design

Landing page designs for a new Margaritaville resort in Hollywood Beach, FL.

This work was done for Open Hospitality.

Visit Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort.

Landing Page Design Proposal 1 (Chosen)
Landing Page Design Proposal 1




Bitte.io is an attempt to democratize the music selection at parties and events. Written in JavaScript and PHP it uses the Spotify API inside the Spotify desktop client to communicate with a MySQL database and allows invited party guests to vote on a selected playlist.

The proposed flow is as follows:

  • Party host selects an existing playlist using the Spotify desktop client
  • Bitte.io sends playlist to MySQL database. Visiting Bitte.io now will show guests the selected playlist for the party and allow them to vote
  • Vote handling is done on the client side using localStorage (eventually this may have to be validated on the server-side).
  • At the end of each track, the Bitte.io Spotify app will fetch the latest track order and play the highest voted one.
  • Songs that have just played are moved to the bottom of the playlist and have their votes removed.

Additional thoughts/features that I would like to implement in the next few iterations:

  • 'Nuking' of songs: if at least X amount of people decide they absolutely can't stand a song in the queue they can decide to ban it to the bottom of the playlist.
  • User submitted songs: using the Spotify Metadata API I would like to allow guests to search for and submit tracks in the Spotify catalog. These would be appended to the current party playlist and votes available would be updated accordingly.

Was It Fucking Good


Simple and fun way to query RottenTomatoes.com.


Visit WasItFuckingGood.com (nswf)

Pegasus Solutions

The new (late 2013) Pegasus Solutions website.

This work was done for Open Hospitality.

Visit Pegasus Solutions.

Hotel Edison

The new (2014) Edison Hotel NYC website. Not live yet.

This work was done for Open Hospitality.

Various Builds

Arora Hotel Group Mobile

The new (late 2013) Arora Hotel Group websites.

This work was done for Open Hospitality.

Holiday Inn Manhattan View

The new (late 2013) Holiday Inn Manhattan View website.

This work was done for Open Hospitality.


Short lived and experimental project to bridge Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit.

5 Birds of Texas, CA

Wordpress template for an independent movie produced by Indie Workforce

Laptop Charger Depot

BigCommerce theme for LaptopChargerDepot.com(now LaptopRescue.com).

Kuwabara DNB Blog

Wordpress theme for a now defunct Drum & Bass blog.

Solana Creative

Landing page/placeholder site for Solana Creative.

T-Line TV

Wordpress theme for T-Line TV.


Resume (pdf)


Open Hospitality
New York, New York
Front End Developer/Workflow Coordinator
December 2012 - Present

  • Efficiently delivered custom and templated websites and emails. Complexity ranged from simple templates to custom, fully responsive and cross browser compliant sites.
  • Quickly became involved in more JavaScript intensive projects extensively using jQuery and also Backbone and Underscore for custom online reservations systems.
  • Participated in the redesign process for the next booking engine iteration by creating design mockups and wireframes as well as providing input and critique throughout the process.
  • Worked closely with the design team to educate on development concepts such as responsive design and usability requirements.
  • Promoted to workflow coordinator (within 3 months of hire date) to delegate assignments for the front end development and design teams, be the first point of escalation should issues/questions arise and be a liaison between design/development teams and account support.
  • Lead front end development of fully custom booking engine. This included additional functionality required by the clients unique business model. Assumed control of the UI/UX direction after the scope went beyond design mockups. This included user flows throughout single-room and multi-room booking processes.
  • Held weekly front end developer meetings to discuss workload, best practices, communications with account support, quality of work as well as any new and/or interesting developments in the front end field.

Coalition Technologies
Los Angeles, California
SEO Specialist, SEO/Project Manager, Account Executive
August 2011 - August 2012

  • Optimized and streamlined processes across the SEO department.
  • Worked heavily in HTML/CSS/JS/PHP to optimize clients’ sites after identifying problems.
  • Worked closely with clients, understanding their specific needs and goals in order to implement appropriate strategies.
  • Succesfully managed reputation management campaigns for demanding clients.
  • Expanded the SEO department by successfully training two new-hires.
  • Managed the SEO department experiencing success with our clients by attaining top ranking positions for competitive keywords.
  • Devised and executed SEO and social media strategies to meet and exceed new and existing clients SEO campaigns.
  • Tested theories using both custom built software and existing sites and practices.
  • Promoted to account executive where I successfully analyzed clients needs, educating them on the best course of action.
  • Oversaw design and development projects bridging the gap between client and development/design department.

Allied Sales & Distribution
Los Angeles, California
Business Analyst, Developer
August 2010 - August 2011

  • Strengthened client interaction and negotiation skills by assisting customers with inquiries and orders over the telephone.
  • Assumed control of and streamlined the Certificate of Analysis process; a vital function of the business.
  • Successfully trained three new-hires, demonstrating my ability to efficiently communicate and train coworkers.
  • Effectively implemented an asset management database to simplify and organize the preventative maintenance process.
  • Developed a new and improved dock-appointment calendar and call-list application using PHP and MySQL.
  • Implemented guidelines and procedures to meet and exceed OSHA standards as co-founder of the OSHA team.

Skills, Likes & Dislikes


  • being on time
  • reddit
  • learning new things
  • problem solving
  • photography
  • motorcycles
  • sublime text


  • marmite
  • standing still
  • inefficiency
  • hot weather
  • german television
  • routine


living in New York and befriending dinosaurs

I have a beard now and I still like dinosaurs